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MADE IN THE USA ! Since 1927

Kit includes: CWH-3 Hardwood handle thats tough+ durable with a three way solid brass lock jaw chucking system(holds large and small blades as well as our interchangeable chisels and gouges).

 6SBL:Set of 6 interchangeable knife blades(made from high carbon tool steel double tempered & hardened to Rockwell 60 C-scale): 

#20(15/16" radius)

#21 straight blade

#11  angled straight blade

#10 curved 15/16" radius

#8 curved w/2" radius)

 #22 curved w/ 2"radius

LD2 .050x 1/2"w x 3"l Heavy duty blade

 ALL TOOLS COME RAZOR SHARP!!!! This is a great starter kit you can add many accessories to after you get started with your hobby

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