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Pro Pumpkin Kit Free Shipping Lower U.S.48 states only
Pro Pumpkin Kit Free Shipping Lower  U.S.48 states only
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Warren's PRO-pumpkin carvin kit features:

 1- JRX handle with lock-jaw and wrench

 Plus 3 narrow saw blades and 3 wide saw blades .

 Comes with basic instructions!! You can use all of our regular woodcarvin blades and chisels with the JRX handle too!!

Customer Reviews

Review by  the Pumpkin Carvers
(posted on Oct 31, 2013)
Ordered these for our pumpkin carving this year. Ordered 4 sets. One for each of us. These are the best! Easy to use. Easy to switch the blades. My 11 and 13 year old daughters used them easily. Would highly recommend.
Review by  maggie
(posted on Oct 28, 2013)
I ordered these so that carving my pumpkin would be easier. However the kit does not include instructions to change the blades and I am finding them slipping before I can get the new blade to take hold. The are good stiff blades tiny enough to do small curves if you can get the blades changed!
Review by  Frustrated
(posted on Oct 27, 2013)
How in the heck do you clean and reassemble this thing? I took it apart to clean after using it with the blade that was in it, but neither my husband nor I could figure out how to reassemble it without having the blade slip out of place; there seems to be no way to anchor it. I wouldn't rate this until I know how to put it back together--
Review by  the Bear
(posted on Oct 23, 2013)
I think these are the best! I can only ask for two improvements. Pull saw blades would cure the flex problem. These are very thin, sharp blades. Pull blades would also allow them to be used on wood like Japanese saws. The other is a coating or stainless steel to stop corrosion. If they are left wet, rust forms fast, so oil and wipe them clean. Thanks for a fine product!
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